Policies & Procedures – Festival dates August 18-19


2018 Lake Chelan Creative Arts Festival
Policies and Procedures–Festival dates August 18-19
Vendor Name______________________________________________________________________________
A. The vendor is responsible to obtain any required personal business licenses prior to setup.
B.  Cancellation notice must be provided in writing, either by mail or email, to the LCAC/CAF Booth Director no later than July 15. 2018.  A refund will not be made if notice is received later than this date.
C.  All booths must be set up prior to 10 am on Saturday, August 18 and removed by 6 pm Sunday, August   19.  Artists must be present in the booth during all Festival hours.  Booth relief volunteers will be available throughout the Festival.
D.  Vendors agree to set up their booth within the restricted boundaries as established by the LCAC/CAF.  Please note that 10×10 booths have no space on the sides of the booth for display, but the area directly in front of the covered booth can be used.  The 10×15 booths allow space on sides to display.  Chairs and portable display items may not extend beyond the booth boundaries.
E.  Vendors shall not open and operate their booth if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Consumption of any alcoholic beverages during Festival hours is prohibited.
F.  Activities will be conducted in a safe and tasteful manner and in compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.  Vendor will not sublet or allow others to use all, or any portion of the assigned space unless specified before acceptance.
G.  The LCAC/CAF is conducted outside on natural terrain.  The LCAC/CAF cannot assure favorable weather and does not assume liability for damage due to weather or if natural causes result in early closure of the event.
H.  All booth and materials are stored at the site at the sole risk of the vendor.  The LCAC/CAF does not assume any liability for damage to materials or any injury sustained by exhibitors in the assigned space.  LCAC/CAF will provide security Saturday, Aug.18 starting at 6pm
I.   The vendor agrees to release and forever discharge the LCAC/CAF, City of Chelan, Chelan PUD, all sponsoring organizations, their directors, employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, and claims for loss or damage arising from or in-conjunction with my participation in the LCAC/CAF.
J.   If the LCAC/CAF must terminate agreement before the start of the Festival for any reason the only liability of the LCAC/CAF will be a refund of the fee paid, unless that termination is because of the vendor’s violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement, in which case no refund will be due.
K.  I agree to follow the policies and procedures as defined by the LCAC/CAF and understand that violations of these conditions can result in my removal from the Festival grounds.
The parties herby agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.  This document takes effect when signed by both parties.  The signed document will be returned at the Festival.
Artist/Vendor_________________________________________________________      Date_____________________________________
Artist/Vendor_________________________________________________________       Date____________________________________
LCAC/CAF Director___________________________________________________        Date___________________________________