Heritage Heights Project

‘Heritage Heights’ Lake Chelan Arts Council Project

We are very pleased to report a nice beginning to our portrait project at Heritage Heights.  Six artists met with the residents of our first hallway of seven residents.   They met individually to learn more about the resident’s background and will use that information to create a piece of art (doesn’t have to be a portrait, can be of resident’s interests) to put outside each resident’s door.  The first hallway was Cleo’s Way (named for a favorite cat.)  We hope to meet again on February 25 to share finished work.  The second hallway (four total), is Sunshine Way, recently painted a bright yellow–they love color!!  The next wave of artist/resident meetings for this group will be March 25.  We have a few volunteers lined up but could use more.  Let us know if you have interest.  Thank you to our first artist volunteers, all from this artist list.  
Barb, Lake Chelan Arts Council