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Sheri Trepina

Sheri Trepina

Sheri Trepina comes from a family of artists who nurtured her love of nature and art. Elements in nature are the theme for her textural collage art. She pulls inspiration from the landscape, collecting local leaves and grasses which she uses to create preliminary marks on to watercolour paper. Her process includes the layering of papers and watercolour and acrylic washes to achieve depth, and texture. This movement of paint against these layers is thrilling to Sheri and gives her work and abstract quality. Sheri’s work is nationally recognized.  Sheri and her husband Don recently moved back to her family farm in Cashmere, WA.  She is the 4th generation to work and draw inspiration from the land around her.

Sheri says “Art can enliven our daily lives, remind us of what is important and can create a reference to the world around us”.  

You can reach Sheri here:
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