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Marisa Moritz 

Marisa Moritz

Artist’s Statement: I was raised in rural northern Nevada and as a teen dabbled in pen/ink and graphite drawings. Later I took up photography as a hobby then watercolors in the fall of 2005. I studied under Nancy Gardner in Highlands Ranch area of Colorado for several years and continued to paint on my own and attended workshops as available. My recent retirement has allowed me to invest more time in creating art and has renewed my curiosity in the many techniques of painting. I have the found the act of painting very relaxing and time will “stand still”. Much of my inspiration is from the mixing of colorful pigments with water to create my final canvas.

Education: BS Medical Sciences, Medical Degree and Board Certification in Family Medicine.

Gallery representations: Two Rivers Gallery, Wenatchee, WA. Previously Mainstreet Center Gallery, Parker, CO; PACE Center, Parker, CO; Running Creek Gallery, Elizabeth, CO; Cowboy Coffee and Collectibles, Elizabeth, CO; Jeff Struthers Photography Gallery, Elizabeth, CO.

Exhibitions: Art in the Park, Parker, CO 2009-2014, Art in the Pines, Elizabeth, CO August ’09 Memberships: Wenatchee Water Color Society and previously Parker Artist’s Guild, Parker, CO. Contact info: moritz4065@aol.com, mobile (303) 868-2303

Here are some examples of her work:
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