September 2019 Picture This: Frederic Remington

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   Oil on canvas, Dash for Timber, 1889           Bronze sculpture, The Cheyenne, 1901


Frederic Sackrider Remington (1861-1909)

Frederic Remington was a painter, illustrator, sculptor and writer who specialized in depictions of the Old West. Cowboys, Native Americans and the US Calvary were all favorite subjects.

Using his inheritance Remington traveled west to Montana where he was able to witness and illustrate the legends of the Old West. Known for his action-packed subjects, his style was realistic and narrative. In other words, his work told stories of life in the Old West.

In the beginning of his career Remington worked mostly as an illustrator and painter. He became fascinated with horses in motion. He took many photographs of them and later painted or sculpted them. After 1895 he mostly stopped painting and worked primarily as a sculptor. He sculpted in bronze. To achieve this, he worked closely with an expert, Riccardo Bertelli at the Roman Bronze Works in New York City. It was the first foundry in the United States to create bronzes in the age-old lost wax method of casting.

In a career lasting only 23 years he created 2,739 drawings and paintings, 25 bronze sculptures, wrote 8 books, designed the sets for a Broadway play, “Arizona,” and wrote over 100 articles and stories. Frederic Remington was only 48 and still creating art when he passed away after surgery for a ruptured appendix. His last sculpture was ‘The Stampede’.